Cynthia Wing-Reed: B-Framed Galleries

WRITTEN BY Jessica Wicklund
Sep 9, 2016

Cynthia Wing-Reed is the owner of B-Framed Galleries located at 313 S Barstow Street.


How long has B-Framed Galleries been established?

"B-Framed Galleries was established in 1976. There were no frame shops at the time and that was how it all began. I have been with the business since 1981 and purchased it almost 12 years ago making major changes in the overall direction and style of the gallery business. I reinvented almost everything, from the artists and style of art to being a very community connected business and very active in supporting the Downtown community. With our Corporate Art Consulting Business, I have added many services like onsite design/delivery and installation."


Why did you choose Eau Claire to build a business?

"We have been located in downtown Eau Claire for 40 years and consider ourselves Eau Claire's original Art Gallery. Our very first customer still does framing here! Our main customer base is within a 90-mile radius with our Corporate Art Services extending even further. We have always been proud of the fact that the gallery and custom framing draws people from a wide area."


What is special about Eau Claire's vibe?

"As an Eau Claire native, I appreciate the original history and culture of Eau Claire that began with immigrants like my grandparents coming here to create new lives. The exciting renaissance of our Downtown has not happened overnight but it has brought an amazing rebirth and exciting spirit! You can actually feel it in the air! I love the natural beauty of our region. People from around the world are beginning to appreciate again what Eau Claire has to offer. The people of the Chippewa Valley have always been so supportive of us."