Andrew Holland: ProVyro

WRITTEN BY Jessica Wicklund
Aug 29, 2016

Andrew Holland, co-founder of ProVyro, a waste management garbage company serving the Chippewa Valley.


How long has ProVyro been established?

“Joe Craven and I began a roll off container business in November of 2010. After 2.5 years, we sold that portion of the business and focused exclusively on providing residential garbage services. In January 2016, we were awarded the City of Chippewa Falls recycling contract and in June 2016, we began providing commercial garbage services.”


Why did you choose Eau Claire to build a business?

 “I am a native of Eau Claire (graduate of Memorial High School), and both Joe and I are UW-Eau Claire alums where we experienced everything Eau Claire has to offer. After college, I had originally moved to Minneapolis where I was a CPA with Ernst and Young (I wanted to get some experience outside of Eau Claire) and after a few years, I moved back so Joe and I could start a business."

What is special about Eau Claire's vibe?

“Everything. I recently went on a short trip to New York and while it was a great experience, I asked almost everyone I came into contact with two questions: How do you accumulate wealth here? And are you happy? Almost exclusively, the two responses I got were "You don't create wealth unless your family has had it for many generations either through a business or real estate. And no, I am not very happy." It was such an eye-opening experience for me in the sense that it made me realize just how much we have to be thankful for living in the Midwest and Eau Claire. I realize how blessed we are. I mean, we can do anything we want: start a business, build real estate, start a non-profit. The opportunities here are endless.  I don't believe other areas of the country are so blessed. Being in New York made me want to come back and work five times harder (although I'd probably be dead then) just because I can, just because we have the opportunity to do so here in Eau Claire. When we talk about what is special about Eau Claire's vibe, this is why I say everything, because it really is the truth.”