Billy Siegel: Revival Records

WRITTEN BY Jessica Wicklund
Aug 3, 2016

Billy Siegel, owner of Revival Records located at 128 S Barstow Street.

How long has Revival Records been established? “October 2009 which makes seven years this fall. I’ve been here for about 20 years myself. I moved here for college and have stayed ever since.”

Why did you choose Eau Claire to build a business? “There weren’t any record stores open at the time so we waited a few years for one to open and finally decided to open one myself. With the university having such a huge musical influence and downtown being the hotspot, it’s the ideal place for a musical outlet.”

What is special about Eau Claire’s vibe? “I personally can’t speak for the artists, but from what I know of the artists and meeting them, they get along so well. Some of these guys in bands aren’t just in one band, they’re in three or four bands. They help each other out so if somebody needs a bass player or drummer for the night, they’ll all work together to fill the empty spaces. They’re in it for the love of the music and because they love it. I really think that’s what sets Eau Claire apart. The people here really do care about each other and love music."