William Glass: The Brewing Projekt

WRITTEN BY Jessica Wicklund
Jul 21, 2016

William Glass, president of The Brewing Projekt, a local, authentic brewery located at 2000 N Oxford Avenue.

How long has The Brewing Projekt been established? “I started the Brewing Projekt in 2013. Due to the legal hurdles we faced during the first year and a half, we really didn’t do much but wait on paperwork. We finally opened for business in April of 2015.”

Why did you choose Eau Claire to build a business? “To be perfectly honest it was out of convenience. At the time a great opportunity presented itself in an underutilized part of downtown. Six years later the neighborhood changed from a row of blighted properties to a booming part of downtown.”

What is special about Eau Claire's vibe? “We’ve seen a resurgence of new business ventures as well as efforts put in place to make Eau Claire more of a destination. People take pride in Eau Claire more today than they did just a few short years ago when I was a student at UWEC.”