Jamie Kyser and Erin Klaus: Tangled Up In Hue

WRITTEN BY Jessica Wicklund
Jul 1, 2016

Erin Klaus and Jamie Kyser are the founders of Tangled Up In Hue, an art collective supporting over 100 artists in downtown Eau Claire.

How long has Tangled Up In Hue been established? "Tangled Up In Hue opened on February 2, 2009."

Why did you choose Eau Claire to build a business? "Both of us (Erin and Jamie) reside in Eau Claire and wanted to continue living and enjoying this beautiful city. We chose Downtown Eau Claire because we wanted to be on the ground floor when downtown finally started to revitalize. When we opened our doors, Barstow street didn't have a lot of a draw. Year later, we are seeing some real excitement from our patrons and guests!"

What is special about Eau Claire's vibe? "We love the people! The support we get from the community is amazing. They appreciate that our items are handmade and love to support local artists and businesses."

Visit Tangled Up In Hue online at http://www.tangledupinhue.com/ or in store.