Eau Claire Celebrates Economic Development

WRITTEN BY Alysha Stoffel
May 13, 2016

As part of Eau Claire’s Economic Development Week celebration, members from the community gathered at the Chippewa Valley Innovation Center (CVIC) on Wednesday evening. The innovation center encourages new and emerging entrepreneurial businesses by providing temporary facility as well as managerial, technical and financial assistance. Since its opening 30 years ago, CVIC has provided more than $18 million dollars in salaries. Julie McFadden’s startup, Eco Urban Timber, is one of the businesses that has benefited from the innovation center. McFadden started her wood sign and banner business in her garage, but soon realized she needed a bigger space. Her search brought her to the CVIC. Since moving to CVIC, she has been able to grow her business exponentially. CVIC’s passion for startups helps local entrepreneurs and the Chippewa Valley’s overall economic development.