Student Entrepreneur Spotlight

WRITTEN BY Alysha Stoffel
Feb 19, 2016

Stephen Sutherland has been listening to and making music since he was young. Though he played and studied music throughout high school, his entrepreneurial career didn’t begin until his freshman year at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. After connecting with a few other musicians on campus, Sutherland and his now bandmates played music for fun. As years passed, the group began to grow. Now five years later, the band, Doks Robotiks, has 10 members. Thanks to their hard work and dedication, the group released their first full length album earlier this month called Doks. As an entrepreneur, Sutherland’s greatest strength is networking. He enjoys meeting and connecting with as many people as he can. When asked what the hardest aspect of being an entrepreneur is, Sutherland said it’s being able to learn from your failures. Looking ahead, Sutherland wants to continue making music and eventually open a business of his own. To learn more about the group, visit