Year of the Entrepreneur

Dec 23, 2015

The Year of the Entrepreneur, an article by Tom Giffey, VolumeOne, offers a fantastic look into the culture of entrepreneurship that is continuing to evolve here in Eau Claire. ( _the_year_of_the_entrepreneur.) Startup Current (this website) is one of many efforts seeking to bring visibility and support to entrepreneurs and their startup companies, as well as to entrepreneur-related events and efforts on campus, and in the community. There are a growing number of us showing our enthusiasm and support for entrepreneur-ism by placing our name on the"We're In" page (see tab above). If you haven't "signed" the page yet, today would be a great day to declare your overall support. Finally, since Startup Current is a campus-fueled website (by UW-Eau Claire’s Dennis L. Heyde Entrepreneur Program), this is our final post for 2015. We will be back the week of January 25, so come back and visit then!