UW-Eau Claire Entrepreneur Program Over the Years

WRITTEN BY Alysha Stoffel
Dec 9, 2015

Since its conception in 1994, the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Entrepreneur Program has helped students succeed by providing relevant coursework and excellent mentorship. When the program first launched, the curriculum consisted of two, 12-credit courses offered in a series of modules. Since then, the program has undergone a few changes. Today, the core curriculum consists of four, three-credit required courses, which provides the foundation for a certificate, minor, or major emphasis. Though the structure of the program has changed since 1994, the continued support and mentorship from both faculty members and program mentors has not; this year the program has 9 mentors. Ann Rupnow, a professor of the program, believes the future will continue to be bright. "The UW-Eau Claire Entrepreneur Program is using best practice methodology, and continues to evolve to meet the needs of entrepreneurial students in an ever-changing world.”