New Venture for Volume One

WRITTEN BY Alysha Stoffel
Oct 13, 2015

Volume One decided to take a chance and pursue a “new venture” for the month of October. Nick Meyer, the owner/publisher of Volume One wanted to set up an event for community members to just well, hang out at. The string of events called The Night Market, take place every Friday night in October from 6-9pm. “We just really invest in the vibe. There’s live music in our outdoor courtyard, a small firepit, a local food truck, local tastings, a big sale under the lights on our sidewalk, and five or six different local makers on hand displaying their wares…" says Nick. Since its first event, Nick has been pleasantly surprised at the positive response from the community. “People really have latched onto the idea and spread the word,” he states. A magazine, event production company, retail store, and now a place for people to hang out at in October, The Night Market just goes to show that sometimes all it takes is a leap of faith to take something from an idea to reality.